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WHAT THE TRUCK 2 – Where’s the food?

The second “What the Truck?!” event was held tonight at Abby Lane Park (Jasper & 102 St). Hosted by Mack and Sharon, two of Edmonton downtown’s biggest champions.  Following a trip to SF’s Off the Grid, Mack and Sharon brought What the Truck?! to life in Edmonton. What better way (than food trucks) to 1.) […]

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Food Trucking: A Labour of Lunch

I work in the South side. In the mornings it is a blessing – 11 minute commute, very little traffic even at 8:15am, no need to pay for or fight to find parking. But around 11:00am, when tweets start rolling in either from the abundance of downtown restaurants listing their lunch specials or from downtown workerbees tweeting the great lunches […]

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Aug 1: Food-Truck Lunch

Drift food-truck and Molly’s Eats held a food-truck lunch meetup at Victoria Park yesterday. I work in the South and haven’t been able to get to Drift for lunch this week so I was eager to try their sandwiches. I was starving from watching an hour of Eat St. after a vigorous morning yoga class and since […]

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