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Recipe: Holy GUACAMOLE!

Guacamole is a regular at our house… frequently making visits for dinner, snacks, and even the odd brunch. For one, I’ve had a love for avocados since I was 10 years old. Secondly, guacamole makes so many things taste better – ex. you can have a plain roasted chicken breast but with some guac, cheddar, […]

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Low Calorie Brunch Recipe (inspired by Bon Appetit)

I love weekend brunch it’s probably my favourite meal of the week. When I started counting calories, I realized most of my weekend brunches averaged 400-500 calories if I was making them at home and 800-1200 calories if eating out (particularly if you’re like me and love eggs benedict)! When you’re only allowing yourself 1200 calories […]

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Adventures in Calorie Counting

“30 lbs?! THIRTY POUNDS?!” Let me preface this first “Calorie Counting” post by saying that ever since I met D, I’ve said no to stepping on the scale at least once every two weeks. D is an avid scale-stepper-onner. He goes on daily, mentally tracking his ups and downs. I remember about 3 months after we […]

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