foodkarma.ca is being updated! Keep checking back as I progress the look and feel of this page.

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When I first set out to start this blog, it was for very selfish reasons. The blog was a tool to get to know my new home and a reason to explore the food vendors, restaurants, and markets. I’ve been overwhelmed with the warm reception of me and foodkarma.ca by Edmonton’s food community… and surprised that people actually read my posts and food adventures.

And because people do read the posts and visit this blog, I felt that foodkarma.ca needed a bit of blog-botox to smooth out the lines and to look a bit prettier.  You’ll notice a new layout, a cleaner look (hopefully), and eventually an index of posts. Please let me know (in the comments section) what you think of this make-over… I would love to hear your thoughts on the updates and comments on what I can continue to do to make navigating this blog easier, more fun, and more user-friendly.

This blog has been a real blessing in my move from Calgary to Edmonton. It has helped me minimize transition pains, be a part of food conversations, share travel adventures, keep in the know for food news, and even form amazing friendships. I’m truly grateful for the welcome to the blogging world. In return, I hope that this blog has been able to provide others with information and amusement as I continue my adventures in food.

Thank you for welcoming me into the food and blog communities.


UPDATE: 29 Feb, 2012

Well the WordPress theme upgrade has been much more difficult than anticipated. I naively thought upgrading the theme would be much like pressing the easy button with some minor tweaking and modifications. Well no such easy button existed and I quickly found out that the sizes of my images became wonky in the move. In addition this Woo theme seemed to glitch for many others in the same week I purchased it with text overlapping into the side bars and footers.

Bottom Line – my blog looked like a hot mess over the past 2 weeks (see Exhibit A). Thank you to everyone for your patience as I went through each image and post to correct the issues. It looks like all the posts have now been fixed, next step in this blog upgrade will be in putting together a menu and index.

Exhibit A: Hot Mess Blog

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One Comment on “UPDATES (FEB 29)”

  1. August 7, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    I was reading your blog and inspired me, how difficult it is to create blog. Still mine is looking like puzzle and working on it. I am living in Edmonton as well and love food, photography,painting and love to share my recipes and thoughts with foodies. I like your blog. So Impressive!

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