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Sushi Explorations #2: YOKOZUNA (Riverbend Square)

It was a warm Fall evening and I was flying solo for dinner. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening than continuing my search for good sushi in Edmonton. I contemplated hitting up one of the places on my growing list of Edmonton sushi restaurants, but felt adventurous and decided to try my luck […]

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SHANGHAI 456: A True Hidden Gem (YEG)

Shanghai 456 is the epitome of a “hidden gem” in Edmonton.   HIDDEN… It is located in the small cafeteria of the Edmonton Flying Club at Blatchford Airport… yes the one in city centre. The first time I went to Shanghai 456 was on a weekend. Driving down Airport Rd, the area was barren making […]

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Whole Truck Burger w/ all the Fixings


Moving away from a city, I often find myself missing the food places. I guess that’s not surprising considering that socialization over food and preparation of meals are for many cultures a large part of the make-up. 3 months have gone by since my move from Calgary and I’ve been suffering withdrawal for many Calgary […]

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CORSO 32: A Night of Indulgence

On one of our very first dates, D took me to Red Star Pub for dinner. I was still living in Calgary and hadn’t heard of Red Star, so female readers can probably imagine my internal monologue, “He’s taking me to a pub for dinner?!” The menu showed promise of non-pub fare with dishes like Chicken & […]

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Grilled Prawns with Crispy Corn Wonton

First Visit to RED OX INN

Even before I moved to Edmonton, I had heard nothing but positive reviews about Red Ox Inn’s food and service. People I knew, food-lovers or not all seemed to rave about Red Ox being THE best fine-dining restaurant in Edmonton. So when D and I made dinner reservations we were really excited to finally be able to try this restaurant. […]

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Pho Tau Bay

What the Pho in YEG? Battle:Tau Bay vs. King Noodle

During the weeks before I moved to Edmonton, I said a lot of goodbyes. Coming from Calgary, there were of course a lot of jokes and to-be-expected, “Why are you moving THERE?!”s. A colleague who was recently transplanted from Edmonton to Calgary even said to me, “You know Carmen, besides Pho and Donairs both Vancouver and […]

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