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Sushi Explorations #2: YOKOZUNA (Riverbend Square)

It was a warm Fall evening and I was flying solo for dinner. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening than continuing my search for good sushi in Edmonton. I contemplated hitting up one of the places on my growing list of Edmonton sushi restaurants, but felt adventurous and decided to try my luck […]

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Sushi Explorations #1: FURUSATO

For background on my Sushi Exploration Tour & information on my rating system, please see this post. First stop on my Sushi Explorations – Furusato** on Whyte Ave. Furusato came recommended by several sources – friends, co-workers, Twitter community, and Chowhound. Meeting an out-of-town friend for dinner, Furusato was a great option with its central location […]

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