Adventures in Calorie Counting

“30 lbs?! THIRTY POUNDS?!”

Let me preface this first “Calorie Counting” post by saying that ever since I met D, I’ve said no to stepping on the scale at least once every two weeks. D is an avid scale-stepper-onner. He goes on daily, mentally tracking his ups and downs. I remember about 3 months after we met, he demanded to know why I wouldn’t go on the scale… my response, “I’d rather be in denial…” And for the next 2 years I was – blissfully so.
I recently quit my job in Calgary and in moving in with D in Edmonton I decided it was time to step on the god-forsaken scale and face the truth… it only made sense if I really wanted to dedicate myself to losing weight… right?

A few weeks ago, I stepped on the scale and during that one second pause that followed it seemed to me like the scale was mocking me a la The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, “UGH… Oh my…. yep you definitely gained weight… Well here’s your bad news…” and with that the digital number popped up. Larger than I had ever seen it in my life. I had gained 30 lbs in the last 2 years!

And in that moment, this food lover became a food-loving-calorie-counter.

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