We had a family BBQ this past weekend and I was trying to think of a fun dish to include for my cousins’ kids – an 8 yr old girl, two 6 yr old boys, and a 1 yr old girl. They love marshmallows and since this was a BBQ, I thought an introduction to S’mores would be the perfect thing.

Use your favourite chocolate bar

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are my favourite chocolate bars and a few years back someone gave me the idea of adding a spoonful of peanut butter to my regular S’mores… it was so good. This time around, we decided to just use the chocolate bar to make things simpler.

The recipe is really the standard S’mores recipe, only we substitute the chocolate for Reese’s cups. You could probably do the same with your favourite chocolate. My sister likes the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream so we had some of those as well.

Melted Chocolate


We put a portion of chocolate on a graham cracker (half a Reese’s cup or one square of Cookies n Cream), and placed the crackers on the top rack of the BBQ so they were on indirect heat. The BBQ was set at medium high heat and the kids stood around roasting their marshmallows. The chocolate melted within 1.5 mins at this temperature, even on indirect heat.

TIP: S’mores are the perfect summer dessert as they can be made over a BBQ or over a campfire, but in the winter, these can be made in the kitchen quite easily. We’ve roasted marshmallows over the stove’s burner/range or under the range in toaster ovens, while the chocolate melted on crackers in the toaster oven. In fact, we were so busy helping the kids assemble their S’mores, I had forgotten to take photos and replicated the recipe two days later using the stove method. to take these shots.

Once the marshmallows have swelled and are getting golden and crispy on the outside (gooey melty on the inside), place one on top of the chocolate covered cracker and add another cracker to make your S’mores sandwich.

The kids loved these – but I think they really just loved roasting the marshmallows (the chocolate and graham crackers were just bonus).

So pretty!

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